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Interior design by a team of architects

Since 2018, we have been providing design and implementation services for residential interiors, private homes, offices and public spaces.
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1 360 m² of housing in 2021
Calculate the costs of implementation right from the start of the project
Discounts of up to 30% on furniture and decorating materials

Projects of which we are proud:

We work only in contemporary direction, but are happy to combine different styles and like to experiment.

Functionality and aesthetics in every meter

Depending on the client's preferences, each project is handled completely differently: from implementing a completely concealed storage system, to the spectacular design of the main areas of the room.

Guest bedroom overlooks a private courtyard

The work area, consisting of 2 offices, is located at the
back of the house for more privacy and concentration

The bathing complex and guest S/W form the 'core'
inside the house in the layout, and allow
storage to be built into the
passageways between them

2-car garage, with ample
storage, for household
and garden tools

"Second light" over
the dining area
enlarges the space

The living room is
located in the centre
of the house and has
access to the terrace
thanks to the sliding
panoramic windows

The kitchen is visually united with the
living room thanks to the panoramic
windows, with a composition of outdoor
plants between them

The bathroom has access to a balcony
and is equipped with both a
freestanding bathtub and rain shower,
with storage in the shower
area hidden from view

The master bedroom, also
has access to a balcony and
has a great view through
panoramic windows
towards the forest

You, our future client!

Laundry room with
tumble dryer for small
and large items

Storage pantry for seasonal items,
household chemicals and unclaimed furniture.

A large gym that allows you to keep fit in all circumstances

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Every project is special to us, as no customer's wishes are the same and everyone's idea of the ideal house is different.

Choose a convenient way to download and we will send you an example of the complete project and our current portfolio free of charge.
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How is the work structured?

Without haste, consciously and carefully. Within each project, we do not offer ready-made solutions. The work is put together gradually - with the utmost commitment from our team and maximum quality.
Getting to know

The most important aspect of project development is the mutual understanding between the client and us. During the introduction period, the lead designer conducts an in-depth interview with the client.
Getting started

It all starts with the development of the floorplan. This is one of the foundations that determines the customer's future lifestyle. Once the layout has been approved, the search and development of the visual identity of the property begins.

One of all clients' favourites. This is where all the work that has been done is combined into high-quality visualisations to show the result. It is this stage that allows you to assess how the room will look before the renovation work even begins.
Detailed design documentation

The final phase of the project, resulting in a complete set of drawings and instructions for the upcoming renovation. With quality design documentation, you can be sure that your project won't just stay 'on paper' but will be implemented with maximum precision.

Services and prices:

We have prepared several scenarios for creating and implementing your interior. Each of them is suitable for different purposes and possibilities, and can also be supplemented with your individual wishes.
This type of project is needed for those who want to unlock the functional potential of their home space, but want to choose the final look and finishing themselves.

Development: 5 working days
This type of project is created for clients who need an individual design project, with full "Detailed design documentation", for easy implementation of the renovation.

Development: from 35 working days
We take care of all the complex operational tasks during the renovation!

Maintenance from: 3-9 months.
(depends on the complexity of the object)

Planning solution
Design project
Project support
Cost: from 20 $/М²
Cost: from 40 $/М²
Cost: from 490 $/month.
Development time 5 working days
Planning solution
Composition of the project

• Analysis of the client's wishes based on the template given to them for the ToR
• Elaboration of the planning solution and definition of the functional zones (3 options)
• Elaboration of the final planning solution based on one of the 3 options

Cost: from 20 $/М²

Additional services:
+1 $/М² Lighting plan
+1 $/М² Layout of switches and their interaction with lighting fixtures
+2 $/М² Layout of socket outlets and low-voltage networks
+1 $/М² Flooring and skirting plan
Development time from 35 working days
Design project
Composition of the project

1 Stage:

• Questionnaire survey: Personal dialogue to find out the desired end result and the customer's individual wishes
• Measurement plan with utilities
• Online style test and estimate budget
• Elaboration of the planning solution and definition of functional areas (3 options)
• Creation of a concept in presentation format, including: references / colour selection / test results and, if necessary, local sketches of the designer / collages

2 Stage:
• Rough 3D visualisation of all rooms
• Final 3D visualisation of all rooms

3 Stage:
• Final floor plan with furniture dimensions and tie-outs
• Partition walls mounting and dismounting plan
• Lighting plan
• Interaction plan for switches and lighting fittings
• Layout plan of switches
• Layout of electrical outlets and wiring
• Flooring and skirting plan
• Ceiling and cornice plan
• Wall finishing plan
• Wall plans for sanitary facilities and kitchen with tile layouts
• List of finishing materials

Cost: from 40 $/М²

Дополнительные услуги:
+7 $/М² Night shots of 3D Visualisations for all rooms with demonstration of lighting operation
+7 $/М² Shop list of furniture and lighting purchases with suppliers and partner discounts
+1 $/М² Floor heating plan
+2 $/М² Sound insulation plan
+2 $/М² Thermal insulation plan
+3 $/М² Schemes for installing the decor elements
+3 $/М² Built-in furniture drawings
+7 $/М² Development of a tailor-made furniture set with the possibility of subsequent implementation
+1 $/М² List of door and window openings
Maintenance from: 3-9 months.
(depends on the complexity of the object)
Project support
Author's supervision services:
• Supervision of compliance with deadlines for repairs
• Supervision of compliance of executed works with the project
• Quality control of work carried out at all stages of repair
• Keep a log of completed works
• Solve problems encountered during the repair, making adjustments

Repair Management Services:
• Organising the supply of finishing materials
• Arranging the supply of sanitary equipment
• Ordering heating and lighting systems + calculation according to space requirements
• Finalising all details of the furniture order, coordinating materials, prices and timetable
• Furniture and decorating according to the design and shop list
• Necessary information for the integration of kitchen, bathroom and other areas.

*All items in the Repair Department are booked by us, delivered, checked for conformity and, in the event of faults or delivery errors, refunds and replacements are authorised. All orders are processed within a defined time frame as the repair progresses.
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The team of professional architects

We are graduates of MARHI who joined together in 2018. Since the bureau was founded, we have been carefully building our team of professionals, including talented visual designers, constructors, interior designers and architects.

With each new project, we grow as a team, attend professional exhibitions together and are always aware of the latest industry innovations.

Our architectural and design approach allows us to create projects that are not only visually aesthetic, but also technically competent.
Ilya is responsible for the visual component of your interior, which meanings and functions are important to consider in order to create the right space.
Halit develops the idea concepts for each of the office's projects and guides the team.
Ilya Orlov
Founder & Creative Director
Ergül Halit Ali
Founder & Chief Architect

Download useful articles by our team

They will help you save time and better prepare for your upcoming project and renovation.

Choose a convenient way to download and we will send it to you free of charge:

"Top mistakes at the start of any renovation"

"2021 Interior design trends"

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Clients about us:

The spelling and punctuation of the authors are retained.
Thank you very much for the work you have done!
Before we came to you, we spent a long time looking for designers who really understood what we wanted. It is hard to find professionals in their field, people who understand from the word go, take into account the opinions and tastes of all customers and know how to implement it competently in a project.

We haven't regretted putting our trust in you for a second!
Thank you for creating a comfortable space for our family! Everything was done quickly and with high quality. Would definitely recommend you to our friends and acquaintances!
Last year we bought an unfinished house in a cottage village. We didn't want to trust random people to work on it. We knew from experience that in order to get it right, maintain the general idea and get what we wanted, we needed not just a design with 3D visualisation, but a detailed study with preparation of drawings, subsequent control of its execution, selection of furniture, decor, drawing up a "Shopping list" and its further adjustment if necessary.

After some lengthy research and negotiations we opted for "EO Project". Further joint work was productive and did not disappoint. We were pleased with their approach, competence, patience, attention to detail, and adherence to deadlines. If in the process of implementation and there were any nuances, all of our wishes have been taken into account. I recommend it, definitely with author's supervision.
Feedback #1
Flat 60 m2
Feedback #2
House 250 m2
Ordered a design project for a modern style flat. We were pleased with the project and the work in general. We would like to thank the guys for the quality of the project, everything was done in time, without any delays. Any questions arising while coordinating the project were solved at the moment of treatment.
Halit, good afternoon!
I would like to thank you very much for your work. Your design of our flat is the best it could be, perfect colour schemes, excellent selection of materials and furniture. Constantly hear compliments from guests, how cozy and beautiful.
Thank you for your hard work!!!
Feedback #3
Flat 52 m2
Feedback #4
Flat 110 m2

Sign up for a consultation

Fill in a short questionnaire and we will get back to you with a free consultation and answer any questions you may have.
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Answers to the most popular questions
How long does it take to create a design?
We create a project in 35 working days or less, depending on the complexity of the project.
Do you have your own builders?
For our projects, we recommend a number of our proven contractors who are capable of carrying out all types of work.
Why do I need designer supervision?
The designer's supervision allows you to be sure that everything will be implemented as agreed in the project. It is a service that accompanies the detailed design during implementation.
Can the cost of a project increase during the development process?
The cost of the project is negotiated in advance and never changes.
How do I explain what kind of interior I want?
We have compiled a survey with all the details and nuances that go into creating a competent design.

The interior is guaranteed to be designed only to your preference for comfort and convenience.
Who is working on the design project?
Our project development team consists of: Architects, Designers, Engineers, Visualisers.
What if I don't like the proposed layout or other elements of the project, is this possible?
It is not only possible, it is the norm. As a rule, the creation of the layout and visual component of the future home goes through several iterations until the ideal option for the client is found.

P.S.: We do not have ready-made templates, each project is developed individually, and what is good for one customer may not be suitable for another.
Will third-party builders be able to implement all the design ideas?
Our designs are fully compliant with all relevant regulations and any competent builder is able to read our drawings and realise a renovation based on them.